Inclined wheel sorting system

Inclined wheel sorting system

Sorting speed:

The maximum sorting speed is 4000 pieces / hour

Applicable industry:

Express, logistics, large parcels, channel sorting, zoning operation sorting, etc


The system is applicable to the sorting of goods with specific packaging and shape specifications except flexible packaging. It is required by logistics enterprises with a small number of sorting rules but moderate speed requirements;

Support the automatic operation of sorting process, standardize the operation process of the enterprise, integrate the enterprise's information management system, and improve the work efficiency to the greatest extent.


Constant torque sorting action, 45 degree and 90 degree steering mode;

It can connect with various information management systems and platforms of customers, with strong adaptability;

Support automatic code scanning, automatic weighing and automatic measurement of cargo size;

Stable performance and flexible configuration, which can be customized according to user needs;

It supports seamless connection with various hardware, stable speed under the operation of goods with conventional dimensions and specifications, and supports host computer communication.