Narrow roadway shelf warehouse

Shelf use principle

The main body of the shelf system is a beam type shelf system. The difference is that the action guide rail of "three-way stacking forklift" is installed on the ground at the bottom of the shelf. Unequal angle steel is generally used for guide rail. The material handling forklift is limited to the special "three-way stacking forklift". The three-way stacking forklift slides along the established guide rail. The width of the stacking channel of the shelf system is slightly larger than that of the pallet goods, and the high-density storage demand can be realized. At the same time, it inherits all the advantages of the beam shelf system. All materials stored in the shelf system are 100% optional, and the forklift can store any pallet of goods at any time. Fast storage efficiency and very high storage density bring significant production efficiency and cost-effectiveness to the storage and logistics center suitable for narrow roadway shelf system.

Shelf application scope

If the storage or logistics center has the following characteristics, the narrow roadway shelf system can be considered:

1. Large quantity of goods stored, frequent goods in and out, and high picking requirements for goods;

2. The storage and logistics center urgently needs to increase the number of storage spaces or require a certain storage capacity;

3. Logistics efficiency requires a high level.

4. The available clear height of the warehouse is high, more than 8m;

5. The forklift can be an independent storage forklift, and it is not planned to drive out of the room to perform other tasks.