Warehouse narrow roadway shelf

The biggest feature of narrow lane shelves is that the channel is much narrower than the general beam type, about 1600mm-2000mm, which greatly improves the space utilization rate of the warehouse. Today, with the soaring house prices, narrow lane shelves are loved by many enterprise warehouses; This shelf needs to be equipped with a special forklift - three-way stacker, which is another feature of it. Due to the narrow channel, there are requirements for the skills of forklift drivers. They should be skilled in driving and work carefully and carefully at ordinary times.

Secondly, after the installation of the narrow lane shelf, there is a guide rail with a height of about 200mm (the guide rail can be made during civil construction or with a good guard plate when installing the shelf) as the guidance system of the forklift, so as to reduce the risk of the forklift driver to the shelf due to human factors, and the requirements for the driver are lower compared with the driving in type.