Warehouse push back shelf

Push back shelf     

Push back shelf, also known as press in shelf, is a multi-layer trolley overlapped between the front and rear beams. The stacked goods are pushed into the trolley from the outside, and the stored goods will push the original goods into the inside.


1. The press in shelf is composed of typical structural parts such as pallet car. The pallet car has flowable characteristics. Goods are specified to enter and exit at one end of the shelf and follow the order of first in and last out.

2. When storing and transporting goods, the forklift is only located at the lower end of the shelf channel without entering the shelf cargo storage channel. This kind of shelf has the typical characteristics of high storage density and fast storage and transportation speed.

3. It is usually used in occasions where the storage space is extremely limited, but the storage capacity must be increased or the time requirements for goods are not high.


1) When the number of pallets of a product is large and "first in first out" is not required, the working procedure can be simplified and the benefit is very significant.

2) It can shorten the picking time and does not need special handling equipment.

3) Due to the large storage area and less channels, the space utilization and productivity are very high.

4) It can avoid the cargo damage that is often easy to occur in the loading and unloading operation of high-density storage shelves.


2. Forklift access.

3. It is suitable for small variety and large quantities of goods, and the operation mode of first in and last out.

4. It is suitable for freezers and other situations that need to greatly improve space utilization.