Warehouse drum conveyor line

Product: roller conveyor line

1. According to the driving form, it can be divided into: unpowered roller conveyor, power roller conveyor and accumulation roller conveyor. The driving modes used by the power roller conveyor are: electric roller drive and motor reducer drive. The conveying speed of drum machine has two kinds: constant speed and speed regulation. The speed regulation can be divided into electronic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and mechanical speed regulation;

2. According to different conveying forms, it can be divided into: linear drum line, turning drum line, slope drum line, split (turnout) drum line, Dingsheng transfer drum machine, Dingsheng rotary drum machine, etc.

3. According to the material of the roller used, it can be divided into: stainless steel, engineering plastics, aluminum alloy and carbon steel. The surface treatment of the roller includes: galvanized, chrome plated, cast rubber, hot plastic and polyurethane.

4. According to the frame material used, there are: stainless steel, aluminum profile and carbon steel (generally plastic spraying, painting and baking).

5. There are many accessories and supporting auxiliary devices, which can be selected according to the actual application of customers.