Transfer machine

Transfer machine is a kind of equipment for cross conveying goods in automatic three-dimensional warehouse, including chain type, roller type, belt type, etc. The transfer machine is composed of a jacking mechanism and a conveying mechanism. The two parts of the mechanism are respectively provided with an independent power assembly and a machine body, and the two parts are connected through a connecting rod or a linear bearing. The transfer machine will jack up the cargo units conveyed to it, leave the original conveying line, and then cross convey.
Performance parameter
Basic conveying speed 35m/min 50m.min  Adjustable speed
Conveying width 200mm-600mm
Maximum bearing capacity 100kg/m
Load transfer stroke 0.5m-1.25m
Transfer efficiency 2-5s/times


Product application scope

1. It is suitable for light load industries, such as garment sorting, warehousing and outbound.

2. It is suitable for indoor environment, goods transplanting and transportation.

3. It is applicable to the dislocation, translation and connection between multiple lines of production line or other logistics system, and automatically transfer the workpiece to the production mode of the next specific equipment.