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Henan storage shelf factory vertical and horizontal world cargo space shelf detailed description

Henan storage shelf factory, also known as cross beam shelf, belongs to the category of pallet shelf. A cross beam shelf method is more widely used in all kinds of pallet shelf systems in China. Henan storage shelf factory has a fully assembled structure of vertical and horizontal global cargo space shelves with the method of column piece + load-bearing wall, which is simple and effective. Henan storage shelf factory can refit the vertical and horizontal global cargo space shelves according to the characteristics of data information storage marine container machinery and equipment, such as spacer, steel solid wood composite board (wood solid wood composite board), metal mesh products, commodity product layer, storage cage guide rail, oil tank rack and other intelligent system parts. Considering different control modules, marine container mechanical equipment methods are used for cargo storage. Henan storage shelf factory is the most widely used beam shelf in the world. The load of each layer exceeds 500kg, which is called beam shelf. The crossbeam shelf has good picking efficiency and can store articles focused on, but the storage density is low.

Henan storage shelf factory vertical and horizontal world cargo space shelf structure

The cross beam shelf is assembled by columns, bearing walls, cross braces, diagonal braces and self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent the imbalance of the cross beam shelf caused by the loosening of the anchor screws; The bearing wall is made of cold rolled p-type closed acne beam; The structure has the characteristics of simple and reliable, light total weight, strong bearing capacity and low construction budget; When the column clamp is connected with the column, it is equipped with a unique scheme design safety factor pin, which can ensure that the load-bearing wall is not easy to fall down under the impact of external force; The solid wood composite board adopts the strip solid wood composite board made in the world. Henan storage shelf factory has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple disassembly and cost-effective maintenance.

Henan storage shelf factory has the important characteristics of space shelves all over the world

1. General goods shall be stored on the beam shelf after the integrated wallboard of marine container machinery and equipment environmental protection according to the control modules such as pallet wholesale and storage cage. The loading capacity of each control module of the vertical and horizontal global cargo space shelves of Henan storage shelf factory is generally less than 4000kg, and two control modules are generally placed on each floor.
2. Henan storage shelf factory is one of the most common and widely used beam shelves, which is suitable for most warehouses or product goods.
3. With 100% random picking characteristics. In terms of transportation of industrial equipment such as electric forklift, which can reach any cargo location for storage, Henan storage shelf factory saves costs and saves costs in terms of global cargo location shelf storage!
4. Henan storage shelf factory vertically and horizontally stores all over the world with the relocation of industrial equipment.
5. The span of the control module cross beam shelf is generally within one meter, all aspects are within 1.5m, the height of the low and upper cross beam shelf is generally within 12M, and the height of the super upper cross beam shelf is generally within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouses, and the total height of the cross beam shelf is composed of several sections of columns within 12m).
6. Henan storage shelf factory can adjust the height of each step with a non negative integer of 75mm. Heavy (load-bearing wall type) beam type shelves are generally made of cold rolled special-shaped steel. The column is made of 80 (90) X60 (70) Ω circular steel surface punched with diamond holes. The load-bearing wall is made of 80x50-100x50-120x50-140x50-160x50 holding welding beam connected with small hanging decorations. Generally, pallets are used to wholesale instead of solid wood composite boards to save cost for electric forklift transportation. The scheme design with a cargo capacity of one ton to five tons, electrostatic induction tip discharge on the surface, electrostatic induction powder spraying, waterproof and antirust treatment, strong anti-corrosion professional ability, high safety factor, light wire type composition, no screw and arc metal laser welding, electromechanical arc laser welding, arc welding, electric welding, assembly is very cost-effective, Master the indoor space design scheme, design the floor area, and provide professional ability of logistics and warehousing.



Henan Zongheng Huanyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional beam shelf manufacturer in Henan Province, which independently develops and produces beam shelf products.
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