What color are storage shelves and through shelves generally

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Warehouse shelves are necessary for storing goods in the warehouse. Because they are used in the warehouse, most customers do not have much requirements for beauty, but some customers also have requirements for color. For example, a visitor inquired about the general color of the storage shelves running through the shelves. Let's find out.

The standard colors running through the storage shelves include gray white, blue and orange. Some storage shelf manufacturers also have the standard colors of lemon yellow or military green. In addition, other colors can be customized, but generally manufacturers require mass customization, and the price is higher than the standard color.
The standard colors of the through warehouse shelves mentioned above meet the aesthetic requirements of most people, so the shelves in the warehouse are generally dominated by these colors, which are also beautiful and generous for the warehouse.
Of course, if you need to use other colors, such as black, you can customize them, but the price will be relatively higher.