What are the shelves of auto parts

Henan Zongheng shelf factory has specialized in producing shelves for 20 years
There are many kinds and styles of car parts and countless sizes, so the types of storage racks required for storage are not necessarily the same. However, customers who do not understand the storage racks do not know which kind of car spare parts racks are suitable for use. We will introduce which storage method will be adopted for automobile spare parts one by one.

The first is shelf type shelf. Also known as laminated shelf, this kind of warehouse shelf is widely used in the auto parts industry, mainly because of its convenience and manual access, which is just suitable for the storage of most light products in the auto parts industry. The shelf load is small, generally less than 1 ton, and most shelf manufacturers of auto parts warehouse with more than 500kg will design three columns to enhance its stability.
In addition, there are attic shelves and plate shelves, which are also widely used in the auto parts industry. But different from the shelf shelf, it can make full use of the space of high-rise warehouse, and the height can be designed to about 8m. Its storage capacity is much larger than the shelf shelf.