What are the types of heavy shelves in the warehouse

Most storerooms need to be customized, so even the same model has different styles. For example, the cantilever can be designed as single cantilever, double cantilever or attic cantilever. So what kind of bridge warehouse tube is used in heavy warehouse? Next, let's explore.
Bridge Warehouse generally refers to the bridge cargo channel used for storage by heavy warehouse, so it is also called Bridge Warehouse. In order to maximize the use of warehouse space, a bridge channel is designed to increase the storage capacity of goods and make the whole storage system more stable. The design of bridge channel generally requires a certain height of the warehouse, and the height of the first floor is generally more than 3m, which is suitable for the design of bridge channel.

Of course, bridge channels can also be designed for other types of heavy warehouse shelves, such as attic cantilever shelves.
Due to customization, professional warehouse shelf customization manufacturers can meet different design needs of customers within a reasonable range. The importance of planning also lies in this.