What goods can cantilever shelves store

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There are many kinds of storage boxes, each of which has different functions and functions. For example, cantilevered container trucks are special in warehouse container trucks, but they are not widely used. What goods do medium-sized warehouse container truck manufacturers store in cantilevered container trucks? Next, let's explore.

The cantilever structure is special, mainly composed of frame and cantilever. Single sling or double sling can be used to store long strip goods, such as sling, sling, aluminum cable and sling. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, building materials and other industries. Therefore, the cantilever fish of medium-sized warehouse fish producers are mainly used to store long strip goods.
In this way, there is only one commodity. Will the usage be very single? Yes, but the cantilevered spear has other uses. For example, a shelf or hook can be added to the cantilever to store other types of goods, such as box goods, in addition to long strip goods.
It can be seen that the cantilever type of medium-sized warehouse fish manufacturers has high flexibility and less limitations.