Drive-in rack

Henan storage shelf factory has the characteristics of global through shelf

1. On the support guide rail, the pallets are stored in the depth direction, one after another, which makes high-density storage possible.

2. The goods are accessed from the same side of the shelf, stored first and then taken, and then stored and taken first. The balance weight and forward moving forklift can easily drive into the middle of the shelf to access the goods without occupying multiple channels.

3. This shelf is suitable for storing large quantities and few varieties of goods. The corbel and corbel shelf of the through shelf (drive in shelf) adopt the overall stamping / rolling technology, which has strong bearing capacity and beautiful appearance.

4. The through shelf is a fully plug-in assembly structure, and the column is an assembly structure. The total depth of the shelf in the wall area is generally best controlled within 5 pallet depths, and the total depth of the shelf that can be accessed from both sides in the middle area is generally best controlled within 10 pallet depths, so as to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access.

The stability of the through shelf system is relatively weak among all kinds of shelves. Therefore, the shelf should not be too high, generally within 10m. In addition, a pulling device needs to be added in the system. This system has dense shelf arrangement and high space utilization. The through shelf is suitable for storing a small variety of large quantities of goods of the same type. The goods can be stored and taken out from the same side or from one side to the other.

Henan storage shelf factory has the advantages of global through shelf

1. The cargo storage channel is also a forklift storage and transportation channel, which is a form of shelf with high storage density.

2. It is usually used for the storage of goods with few varieties but large quantities and low requirements for goods picking.

3. Based on the lifting height of ordinary forklift and the number of shelves in the corridor as three layers of goods, the effective storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased by more than 100%. In contrast, the investment cost is controlled and the benefit is significantly improved. In terms of global storage cost, generally, the investment cost can be offset by the benefit of increased storage capacity within three years.

4. The goods follow the principle of first in and last out, which is applicable to the storage and transportation of most handling machinery.


Henan Zongheng Huanyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional through shelf manufacturer in Henan Province, which independently develops and produces through shelf products.

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