As / RS pallet stacker


The as / RS pallet stacker uses rectangular steel pipe as the column and alloy steel cold drawn flat steel as the guide rail. It has the advantages of high torsional stiffness, good wear resistance of the guide rail and good straightness, parallelism and symmetry. It can carry a variety of forks, such as single depth and double finger forks, single motor double depth, double motor double depth, rotary forks, roll forks and so on. The maximum heavy load is 8 tons / pallet and the maximum length of goods is 7 meters;

According to the actual needs of users, as / RS pallet stacker can access multi location stacker with multiple locations at one time; A transfer stacker that can complete the access task of two roadways; Cold storage stacker that can operate at low temperature; The inspection stacker that can carry people can be personalized and non-standard design according to needs.