Warehouse electric movable shelf

Product: electric mobile shelf

The electric mobile shelf is mainly used for the storage of factory raw materials, industrial finished products, food or beverage, molds and other items, as well as logistics warehouse or refrigeration warehouse.

Electric mobile shelves can be divided into normal temperature type, frozen type and explosion-proof type according to the service environment. Among them, the frozen type can be used in the cold storage at minus 30 degrees. The explosion-proof type can keep the dangerous articles with explosion such as coatings, spices and adhesives.  

Electric mobile shelf system is one of the shelf systems of high-density storage. The system only needs one channel and the space utilization is very high. The load-bearing trolley is driven by the motor. The trolley is equipped with beam type shelves, cantilever shelves, etc. with frequency conversion speed regulation, the shelves are extremely stable from start to braking, and the safety is guaranteed. According to the track form, it can be divided into two types: track type and trackless type.

Electric mobile shelf system is one of the shelf systems with high-density storage. It has high storage capacity, active and passive protection measures, and has certain earthquake resistance! The security is very high and opening the channel is faster. The application of electric mobile shelf needs to fully understand the warehouse space, stored goods, access mode and other factors, and design reasonable logistics equipment application solutions.

The features of the electric mobile shelf system are:

1. It is applicable to warehouses with high cost per unit area, such as cold storage, explosion-proof warehouse, etc

2. No chain drive, more energy saving and more reliable structure.

3. Higher storage efficiency, fewer channels, and there is no need to find channels to access goods

4. Compared with ordinary shelves, it can improve the utilization rate of the ground by about 80%

5. It can provide about 100% picking

6. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, safety and reliability, and can also be moved in case of power failure.

7. It only needs to be equipped with a forward moving forklift or a counterweight forklift, and has low requirements for forklift operation