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Corporate culture

Lasting, friendly, loyal, communicative, positive, cooperative and win-win

When walking into Hongye, we must have a long-term and lofty thought and goal, a correct and friendly attitude; Good at communication and eloquence willing to communicate; We are active, diligent, courageous, United and mutual aid, and realize our happy and fulfilling life, as well as our common goals and ideals with the spirit of not afraid of hardship and never giving up!

Brand value

With an immortal heart, an indolent heart and an unshakable heart, we have been working hard to build an honest and high-quality shelf brand and vowed to become a global shelf manufacturer and operator!

Enterprise famous saying

There is no failure in the world, only mistakes!

There is nothing impossible to do the right thing in the spirit of never giving up, in the right way!

Human value

Treat everyone around you sincerely, respect, love, advocate advantages, learn from each other, and always remind yourself that respecting others is to improve your quality!

Aging value

Make the things to be done every day and the results you want to achieve, find the right way, do things right in the least time, and improve our work efficiency and quality!

Team value

A person's success is not a success, but a team's success is the real success. No matter how high an eagle flies, it can't conquer the world. A healthy team can make a miracle come into being!

Career value

In Hongye, we should strive to do better. This is our business organization. Here we understand the greatness of cooperation. Here we can strive to become the CEO, profit shareholder, honorary chairman and strategic expert of the branch!