How to design the length, width, height and passage of beam shelf?

How to design the length, width, height and passage of beam shelf? Today, Henan storage shelf factory will explain this problem in detail. The beam shelf is the most simple and effective storage shelf. It is used together with forklift and adopts convenient pallet access. It has the characteristics of strong selectivity, first in first out and high inventory turnover.

1、 Length design of cross beam shelf.

1. Understand the specifications of the pallet. If the cargo exceeds the pallet, it shall be calculated according to the exceeded size.

2. Generally, two pallets are designed for each floor, with a spacing of 70-100mm. If the tray length is small, consider placing three trays on each layer.

3. Shelf formula: l = pallet length * 2 + (70-100) * 3 (number of intervals).

2、 Beam shelf width design.

1. Calculated according to the actual size of the pallet width.

2. If the customer requires to add span beams, lay steel plates and boards and other accessories, the width of cross beam shelf can be designed to be the same as the width of tray.

3. Cross beam shelf: D formula = pallet width - 200mm.

 3、 Beam shelf height design.

1. The specific height depends on the customer's warehouse space, forklift lifting and other factors.

2. Shelf height shall be an integral multiple of 75mm. If not, take a similar value.

3. Formula: H (floor height) = cargo height + 150 (spacing) + beam height (different loads and specifications).

4. Cross beam shelf channel: determine the forklift channel according to the forklift performance.