How to prevent the collapse of storage shelves (correct use of storage shelves)

  As we all know, storage shelves are basically made of steel. Generally speaking, high-quality steel is durable, generally referring to cold-rolled steel, but for thinner steel, like light shelves, the steel used is relatively thin. Because the load-bearing of light shelves is relatively light, the materials used will be less than those used by other shelves. No matter how thick the steel is, after washing for a long time, there will inevitably be some large and small problems, such as rust and even collapse. How to prevent the collapse of storage shelves when using storage shelves? Today, Henan storage shelf factory across the world to tell you about this problem.


  As a medium for daily storage of goods, storage shelves have large market demand space and different customer requirements. The difference in demand has also caused confusion in the storage shelf industry. At present, there is no written standard and certification in the industry, most of which are formulated by manufacturers. In the fierce market competition environment, there are no written regulations on production materials and processes, and the bearing capacity of storage shelves produced varies greatly.

1. Correctly select and use storage shelves, reasonably plan and layout storage space, and pay attention to two requirements when selecting storage shelves in combination with the current market environment and application requirements. According to the characteristics of goods, the quality of storage shelves and the weight of stored goods, select appropriate load-bearing, service life and safety. When purchasing, we should compare the shelves, select the storage shelves with reliable quality and stable performance, and do not overload them, especially the high-level shelves.

Reasonable storage space layout planning is also closely related to daily safe operation. It is conducive to the storage and preservation of materials in the warehouse without damage. It helps to reduce the workload and unnecessary duplication of labor of warehouse operators. The reasonable layout of the warehouse is conducive to the dredging of various channels and ensure the operation safety of warehouse staff.

2. Existing protection, protection and prevention facilities and equipment need to be adopted and applied, and fire-fighting facilities are also very important.

Use protective fence. If it is used on the shelf or to avoid the tray falling, it will lead to serious consequences; Personnel distribution should be in place in time and implemented, not just verbal and formal. The stacking height of materials shall not exceed 2.5m to prevent dumping and injury; The stability of goods on storage shelves shall be checked regularly, and falling objects will hurt people; In the process of loading and unloading the forklift, the operation must be carried out according to the characteristics of the goods to avoid personal injury caused by tilting and slipping, and the safety equipment must be used correctly.