How to allocate warehouse space more reasonably (warehouse management)

The reasonable layout of warehouse plays a key role in all logistics management systems. The effective and reasonable distribution of warehouse makes the company's resources profitable, so as to control costs and improve the company's efficiency and operation. When designing the reasonable layout of enterprise warehouse, we should fully consider the production process and warehouse structure to reduce tortuous transportation. In addition, the indoor space of commodities shall be fully considered for storage, and the bottom line shall be used for reasonable indoor space. Therefore, the reasonable layout of the warehouse is divided into receiving area, storage area, pick-up area and delivery area. As the business volume of the company is constantly changing and the layout structure of the warehouse changes at any time, the layout shall be carried out according to the actual situation. However, in any warehouse layout, we should abide by the profits obtained by using effective resources and reduce the storage cost.

Reasonably organize the operation process of the warehouse
The work content of different ways of warehouse is very different. Generally, the warehouse executes the following workflow: acceptance of picking items - warehousing - warehousing - marking packaging - Classification - delivery inspection - loading - distribution. In the whole process of the organization, it is necessary to ensure simple procedures, strict control, ensure quality and quantity, and reduce the time for goods or goods to enter and leave the warehouse.
Apply new technologies to improve storage efficiency
As far as a logistics distribution is concerned, the storage shelf in the heavy shelf including the main business of storage shelf is the basic rule, and its configuration directly endangers the automation technology level, operation steps and high efficiency of storage logistics. The selection of storage shelves shall consider the characteristics of goods, storage mode, warehousing quantity, warehouse structure, economic conditions and other factors. Reasonable selection of equipment and process is one of the necessary means to improve storage efficiency. The new logistics technology is to realize the reasonable combination of various production factors in distribution through the business process of the enterprise, reduce the operation cost and directly produce obvious economic benefits.