How high is the utilization rate of attic shelves( How about the utilization rate of attic shelves)

The attic shelves designed by Henan storage shelf factory are composed of various parts. It is very convenient to install or disassemble the attic shelves on site. If the warehouse needs to be adjusted or relocated, the attic shelf can be adjusted and relocated as a whole.
Attic shelves can be built on 2-3 floors or even 4-5 floors, which can increase the number of floors according to factors such as the height of the warehouse ceiling. Compared with ordinary storage shelf system, attic shelf has obvious advantages in space utilization. With the same warehouse area, the storage capacity is doubled, which directly saves the cost for the enterprise!
Shelves are multi-storey structures, so it is important to access goods on different floors. For example, forklifts, hydraulic elevators and cargo elevators can be used for goods at the upper and lower levels; The manual forklift is directly used for goods on the same floor.

Layout characteristics of attic shelves. There are no special requirements for stored items. The top floor can be used to put all kinds of sundries and even serve as a temporary office.
Shelves are factory produced parts and installed on site. Its overall structure is an assembled structure, which is very convenient for installation without welding.
When installing attic shelves, the steel wire rope shall be fixed with special hooks. When other methods are adopted, it shall not be less than 3 buckles. The steel wire rope at the acute corner of the building shall be lined with soft cushion, and the outer opening of the vertical and horizontal attic shelf of Henan storage shelf factory shall be slightly higher than the inner opening.