How much do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of heavy shelves( Advantages and disadva

As we all know, heavy shelves belong to one of many types of storage shelves. Heavy shelves generally refer to goods that can bear more than 500kg, so they are called heavy shelves. Heavy shelves include laminate shelves and beam shelves. Generally, heavy shelves are basically beam shelves, also known as heavy beam shelves and tray shelves, So what are the advantages and disadvantages of heavy shelves? Today, Henan storage shelf factory across the world is to tell you about this problem. Let's have a look!

 Advantages of heavy shelf
The beam height of heavy beam shelf can be adjusted according to the requirements of cargo size; Low cost, fast installation and disassembly; Heavy beam shelf can adapt to all kinds of ship machinery, building structure and floor; Heavy beam shelves make full use of the upper space of the warehouse.
Disadvantages of heavy shelf
The storage density is smaller than other systems because it requires a large channel area.
Heavy shelves are suitable for occasions with high warehouse, heavy goods and large storage capacity. Heavy shelves are widely used in automobile, electronic industry, machinery, chemical industry and other fields.