Intelligent three-dimensional warehouse shelf


Introduction to Hengheng Huanyu automatic three-dimensional warehouse of Henan storage shelf factory:
The main body of the automatic three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, roadway stacker crane, in (out) warehouse workbench and automatic transportation in (out) and operation control system.
Henan shelf factory
The shelf is a building or structure of steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. The shelf is a storage space of standard size. The roadway stacking crane passes through the roadway between the shelves to complete the storage and pick-up work. The vertical and horizontal universal automatic three-dimensional warehouse of Henan shelf factory is a multi-layer elevated warehouse system for storing goods. It is composed of three-dimensional shelves, stacker, conveyor, handling equipment, pallet, management information system and other peripheral equipment. It can automatically complete the storage of goods according to instructions and automatically manage the inventory location, It has played an important role in modern enterprises. The vertical and horizontal universal automatic three-dimensional warehouse is widely used in the production logistics and distribution logistics of electronics, machinery, medicine, cosmetics, tobacco, automobile and other industries. It can improve the logistics management level, improve the operation efficiency, reduce the goods damage and difference, save the land occupation, save human, material and financial resources, etc
Henan storage shelf factory vertical and horizontal universal automatic three-dimensional warehouse function classification
[] storage type three-dimensional warehouse, which is mainly used to store a large number of goods. There are few types of goods, but the quantity is large and the storage period is long. All kinds of dense three-dimensional warehouses are suitable for storage warehouses.
[] picking three-dimensional warehouse is an automatic three-dimensional warehouse with the main functions of large purchase, multi-user, multi type and small batch delivery. Such warehouses need to create conditions for convenient and rapid picking. Therefore, automatic addressing is often adopted. Due to the large difference in user needs, it is difficult to sort in and out. Therefore, it is not suitable to use the automatic unmanned operation mode and use manual picking. Picking type is mostly used in distribution centers.
Henan storage shelf factory vertical and horizontal universal automatic three-dimensional warehouse classification

According to different shelf heights, it is subdivided into high-rise three-dimensional warehouse (more than 15m), middle-level three-dimensional warehouse (5 ~ 15m) and low-level three-dimensional warehouse (less than 5m). Due to the high cost of high-rise three-dimensional warehouse, special requirements for mechanical equipment and difficult installation, it is relatively less constructed; The bottom three-dimensional storehouse is mainly used for the transformation of the old storehouse, which is a feasible way to improve the technical level and capacity of the old storehouse; The middle-level three-dimensional library is more used.
[it is divided into unit goods format three-dimensional warehouse, through three-dimensional warehouse, automatic cabinet three-dimensional warehouse and strip shelf three-dimensional warehouse
Building structure
[divided into integrated three-dimensional library and separated three-dimensional library
[goods taking machinery] it is divided into three-dimensional warehouse of shelf forklift and three-dimensional warehouse of roadway stacker